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M3M Projects - Real Estate Developer in Gurgaon Delhi India

M3M, which stands for Men, Materials, and Money, represents a dedication to providing truly innovative projects of unrivalled quality. Despite frequent financial difficulties, the organisation remains committed to satisfying client needs. M3M is relentlessly committed to guaranteeing timely project completion without sacrificing quality. The organisation has a remarkable record for constantly keeping high standards across its initiatives, demonstrating its unrelenting dedication to industry excellence. M3M has positioned itself as a trusted institution, focusing on exceeding expectations and contributing to the raised standards within the real estate business via a consistent pursuit of originality and excellence.

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M3M real estate

M3M Real Estate goes beyond a single service emphasis, working on various projects in Gurgaon, including commercial and residential buildings. Our unrelenting dedication and commitment to perfection have been essential to our path, emphasising the value of diligence in keeping our commitments and building top-tier masterpieces with cutting-edge features.

Key Points

Diverse Project Portfolio

● In Gurgaon, they work on both commercial and residential developments.

● Shows adaptability and competence in meeting a wide range of real estate demands.

Commitment to Excellence

● The importance of effort and tenacity in project completion is emphasised.

● Believes in working hard to meet deadlines and produce high-quality improvements.

Talent Pool and Industry Recognition

● Success is attributed to a varied talent pool that includes corporate moguls, brokers, financial institutions, high-net-worth people, and well-known real estate developers.

●He has risen to prominence in the real estate market through joint efforts and complementing abilities.

M3M Residential Projects

M3M Golf Estate:

● Offers 3 to 4 BHK apartments in Sector 65.

M3M Merlin:

● Features 3 to 4 BHK apartments in Sector 67, Millennium City, Gurgaon.

M3M Marina:

High-class residential development in Sector 68 offering residences with two to three bedrooms.

M3M India Projects Locations

M3M Property - M3M projects in gurgaon

M3M Property, currently ranked No. 2 in India, is renowned for its ability to identify emerging real estate markets and shifts in consumer preferences. The business is refining its luxury modulations and responding with initiatives that capture the distinctive personality of a developing India. M3M Gurugram has established itself as a reputable real estate developer, placing style and innovation at the core of its goals.

Top-tier partners' creations, the Group's numerous M3M Commercial Projects and M3M Apartments, were launched in Gurgaon. M3M India has completed about 40 projects in Gurugram alone. The 56-acre, ultra-luxury M3M Golf estate has won numerous awards for being one of the most pristine and opulent projects in both India and abroad.

Modern architecture is featured. Before 2018, the company started 27 projects, and 25 of them have already been finished. It continues to deliver all of its projects on time, maintaining its reputation for doing so. The final two endeavors, the renowned Trump Towers and M3M Heights, are currently under construction and ought to be completed soon.

M3M Residential Projects

M3M Merlin has introduced premium apartments in the recognizable Singaporean style to Gurugram. Sector 67's project is located just a few meters from the Golf Course Road Extension. For those looking for an upscale and trendy lifestyle, it offers 3 and 4 BHK houses. It was thoughtfully built to completely meet all residential needs.

A global perspective and accessibility to NH-8 and South Delhi are provided by living there. You can live a lavish life with your loved ones thanks to the project's exquisite construction and tasteful design. You should check out the m3m sales gallery where you will find numerous projects according to your desire and need.

Because it offers a wide range of amenities, M3M is a great place for families and businesspeople seeking a luxurious lifestyle. The development includes a gym, clubhouse, swimming pool, and other amenities. With these amenities, residents can unwind and relax after a long day at work. The project also offers plenty of parking space, power backup, and 24-hour security to ensure residents feel safe and secure. The projects also feature a variety of green spaces for people who enjoy being outside. The project has been designed with an eye toward the environment and includes components like water- and energy-saving systems.

The following are a few notable M3M projects that you should be aware of:


M3M Corner Walk is a magnificent commercial building in Sector 74 in Gurgaon that offers Retail Stores, Office Spaces and Double Heights Shops. You should think about M3M Corner Walk in Sector 74 Gurgaon . if you're considering creating a modern, elegant, sophisticated retail business or fashionable area that stands out for customers. This Gurgaon project is a remarkable endeavour that offers buyers a fresh window through which to examine premier retail stores, fine dining establishments, and exclusive office spaces. The concept of mixed-use properties, which provide everything from retail, F&B, office, and residential buildings, is essential to this corporate expansion.


Singapore-inspired architecture can be found in M3M ICON at MERLIN, which is situated on Golf Course Extension Road in Sector 67 of Gurgaon. This opulent residential development includes penthouses with a super size of 5136 square feet in addition to 3- and 4-bedroom flats with super areas between 1844 square feet and 5100 square feet. On 13.34 acres of land in Gurgaon, M3M ICON at MERLIN offers elegant apartments with plenty of room and lighting that face lush, planted gardens.

3. M3M BROADWAY - Commercial project in gurgaon

Made to bring about a one-of-a-kind experience with a touch of foreign charm. A setting that is different from the noise and chaos of the city and is high-class. It has a special mix of treats that we want. A work of art in architecture with wide boulevards, a famous main street, and views that never end. Stores are getting a makeover. Come to M3M Broadway commercial project in gurgaon.


M3M is introducing 65th Avenue, a futuristic and international mixed-use development with stores and Uber apartments. This is a way of life that Millennium City has never seen before. It will be a work of art that is meant to produce a one-of-a-kind space with a variety of safe living areas and shops. The name M3M 65th Avenue comes from the bustling and active city that is always on the go. It shows the spirit and energy of young people and their hopes. Gurugram is about to get a new centre of attention.


As a 5-star hotel, M3M has opened a unique set of luxury flats calledM3M Sky Lofts. There are a lot of good things about living in Sector 71 Gurgaon, where the flats are located. The block has 19-foot-tall flats with a view of the lush green area and is right next to the 8-lane southern periphery road. M3M Broadway is also in Sector 71, and it's meant to give you a one-of-a-kind experience with a touch of the exotic. The M3M Skyloft Gurgaon was built using the international loft apartment idea. It is part of a 784-acre prime land commercial destination that is fully integrated. There are 243 units in the project, with 27 units on each floor of a 12-story tower that starts at the ground level. A state-of-the-art lounge with about 17,000 square feet of space is on the 4th floor of the tower.

6. M3M SCO PLOTS sector 84 gurgaon

After successfully starting other projects, M3M is now releasing another masterpiece: M3M SCO Plots 84 at Sector 84 in Gurugram. What makes this one stand out is that it has a mix of commercial and High Street open retail shops and offices. To live the best life possible, you need to see more than just the tube. Generous people can tell the difference between a need and a want.


Living at the correct time and place is ideal. At the intersection of sector road and the 150-meter-wide golf course road extension, m3m corner walk is an urban wonder that has changed how we work and shop. A mix of high-street shopping, affluent offices, and well-designed serviced lofts. The best space in Gurugram now has stunning 2 and 3 BHK flats in M3M Skywalk. Our new residential tower M3M Skywalk invites inhabitants to enjoy life every day and in every way. We offer a 21st-century neighbourhood where the hub of the universe never looked so good for relaxation or entertainment.


M3M Natura, a new housing project in Sector 68 Sohna Road Gurgaon, is from M3M India, a prominent real estate builder with megastructure experience. The project offers luxurious 2BHK and 2BHK+Study apartments with top amenities. M3M Natura Gurgaon combines modern design and amenities to enhance life.


M3M One-key Resiments Gurugram promises a modern lifestyle that redefines life. The project is mid-stage and in a coveted commuter zone. The property has luxurious apartments with all the essentials and some outstanding features. For the first time in India, M3M One Key Regiments introduced an innovative concept. One-key Resi-dents in M3M Urbana offers a lifestyle that will change your world.


M3M Urbana Premium is in Sector 67 off Golf Course Extension Road. Its logic and connectivity with M3M Urbana stem from its clever designs and high-quality manufacturing. Retail space layout was optimised by cooperative design. However, the office tower's clean, efficient floor plate and linear core on the west face protect workspaces from bustling retail areas. Retailers can expect convenience at M3M Urbana Gurgaon Premium.


M3M Golfestate exudes elegance. A sought-after address with sophisticated design. The luxurious exclusivity of M3M Golfestate is striking. It provides a unique lifestyle with bespoke amenities and unmatched quality, letting you live life in timeless splendour. Come home to M3M Golfestate . You belong here.


M3M Tee Point Commercial Project is located on Golf Course Extension Road, minutes from the projected Metro Station and National Highway 8, giving it a good location. Using sustainable resources, the development is expected to change the planet. Large floor plates allow for greater space development flexibility. The Ground + 10 building has profitable offices, food courts and retail. M3M Tee Point Project in Gurgaon's commercial district is a sustainable building with reduced operating costs.


M3M has a retail-boosting invention. Combining mall and high street themes to exhibit your brand on a huge scale and attract shoppers. The design is based on London's Burlington Arcade and was designed by UHA London. Prepare for a retail revolution that will make headlines.


The renowned M3M Ikonic Residential in Gurugram's skyline has huge units and a sumptuous lobby for a big welcome. Solace, grandeur, and exquisiteness combine to create the ultimate living participation that catches tranquilly. M3M Ikonic Gurgaon will make you feel like a celebrity with its metropolitan elegance. Experience extravagant, unusual behaviour. At M3M Ikonic Sector 68 Gurugram, you have several facilities for entertainment, leisure, exercise, and celebration. All family members' needs are considered while choosing facilities. The best amenities. The project has 2 BHK and 3 BHK luxury homes with unique amenities and convenient connections. Situated near Sohna Road and Golf Course Extension Road in Sector 68 Gurgaon. Comfort, affluence, and perfection provide an unrivalled living experience that embodies peace. M3M Ikonic The M3M Marina Gurugram will elevate you to metropolitan splendour and make you feel special. Experience a lavish lifestyle with unmatched experiences. You reside in the centre of attractions at M3M Ikonic Marina, including entertainment, health, leisure, and celebration.

M3M flats in Gurgaon

M3M flats in Gurgaon, which is currently ranked No. 2 in India and No. 1 in North India, is known for identifying new real estate markets, identifying adjustments in lifestyle aspirations, perfecting luxury modulations, and responding with projects that capture the unique spirit of a changing India. In less than ten years, M3M has established itself as a renowned real estate developer, with speed, style, and innovation at the core of its goals. Numerous iconic projects that were created by partners of the highest caliber have been launched by the Group. They represent the prosperous, contemporary Millennium Gurugram.

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Since purchasing a home in Gurgaon is not simple, we can appreciate your anxiety. Before moving further with real estate investing in Gurgaon, there are many things to take into account. In Gurgaon, we have successfully sold 1,000+ luxury properties, and every sale resulted in the client's delight. We offer a large selection of Property in Gurgaon so you may find the ideal fit for your requirements and preferences.