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M3M capital walk

M3M Capital Walk

M3M India Pvt Ltd operates a business centre in Sector 113 of Gurgaon called M3M Capital Walk. As there are many households in the area, this is a fantastic place to launch a business.

The area would see increased sales and traffic as a result of the development. Many housing projects are located all around Sector 113. The area is ideal for starting a business because it has a lot of residences and is home to many households.

Your business may gain access to a warm high street market by choosing a shop or eatery in M3M Capital Walk 113. The retail Units in this business complex consist of particular double-height stores.

The M3M Capital Walk 113 Gurgaon is cleverly designed to allow visitors to move around. You don't need to be concerned about rival stores outpacing yours because each one is distinct.

Businesses would particularly value this location's 800 contemporary units spread across 6 acres of land. They are also inspired to follow their procedures more often. Demand is also high for the largest retail space on the Dwarka Expressway. It constructs Commercial property in gurgaon such as workplaces, dining establishments, food courts, and shopping malls. Consequently, it has grown more so recently.

These condominiums are split up into floors G+1st+2nd+3 in Gurgaon's sector 113 of M3M Capital Walk. A barrier-free entrance to each of these stores is located on the sector 113 main road. Because of the easily accessible major area, doing business here is simple. Here, there are multiple entrances as well as three side access points, which ensure great visibility. It provides clients with a unique retail encounter. A terrace that is open as well as food and beverage options will also be included. It is a kind of utopia for investors and a vision of the future.

Highlights of M3M Capital Walk:

● The widest frontage in India

● At least 5 lakh people in a large catchment

● 3.5 lakh square meters of nearby commercial space.

● A location in Delhi NCR's center

● positioned on a major highway

● A fluid, well-connected atrium for seamless movement

● An intelligent, self-sustaining neighborhood plan that includes

● Four-star GRIHA rating

● Elevators and escalators offer functional connectivity.

● Outdoor patios where people can relax

Advantages of Location

● Investing in M3M Capital Walk provides the investor with numerous location benefits as well.

● Dwarka Motorway is 400 metres away.

● Indira Gandhi International Airport is a 10-minute drive away from M3M Capital Walk.

● There are 14 entry and exit locations.

● For optimal visibility, there are two side road entry points.

● Apartments designed with contemporary architecture.

● Fluid ceiling designs in flats to increase productivity.

● Located near the crossroads of Gurgaon and Delhi.

● Office spaces and residential buildings that are well-designed.